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Vertical Oscillation

It was there. It was there in the data all along and I just didn’t see it. I thought the reason it was orange and red was because that was simply the colour vertical oscillation was mapped. How was I to know having your vertical oscillation mapped in red and orange was a warning? I didn’t read the instructions. I didn’t.

Hubris. That was the problem. I knew I had problems with my running form. I knew it wasn’t totally perfect but I thought it was a bit perfect. Cadence is a struggle for me. And posture. The one thing I thought I had nailed was vertical oscillation. But then I really studied the data from my Garmin Fr620.

My vertical oscillation is fucked. It’s, like, 12 -13 cm. That is fucked. That’s why it’s in the red and orange. I don’t have to tell you guys that vertical oscillation is BOUNCE. Up and down bounce.

An easy way to remember which one is vertical is if you think of a Harrier Jump Jet. Everybody knows that has vertical take off. Vertical means up. That’s how I remember it. Another way is to think of horizontal and the horizon, an ‘across’ line, and then thinking that vertical must be the other one, because there’s only two. I think of the jump jet.

Clearly when running you want to be moving forward and any up and down movement is wasted energy. It’s inefficient. It’s just wrong.


I checked out a video on YouTube. Leaning forward more seems to be the best way to reduce vertical oscillation when running. Thing is you have to lean forward from your ankles. When I try to lean forward more I always feel like I’m just leaning from the hips and just sticking my great ass out. Gonna work on it, though, try to get my VO (vertical oscillation) down to about 6 centimetres. Thank God I’ve got the Garmin Fr620 to monitor this. I’m not going to work on it tonight, though. Tonight I’m going running with Dave. Dave likes to do sprints and repeats and stuff so it’s gonna be pretty hardcore and not the time for really worrying about vertical oscillation.

Don’t know if I’ll wear my Asics Gel Tarther 2s or my Adidas Adios Boost. Definitely going to wear tights though, it’s fucking freezing.