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Running Inventions

2 running inventions I had. One was where Adidas send me shoes.

Guten tag, adidas! My name is jamiepbarker and last year I created a running and relationship resource – It has proven to be a massive success (Runnersworld said of it this: “Check it out!” The Daily Mail called it “Stupendous”) So we’ve established I am cool but your running shoes have never strucken me as being cool until I tried a pair of Adios 2s last week. Before I preferred Asics. Anyway I liked your shoes very much and reviewed them highly. 5*. I would very much like to review your new Gazelles and also the Primeknits. I bought the Adios 2s in uk11.5. So that size. I think I will like the shoes and become a brand ambassador for adidas and I do not wish payment to promote your shoes as that would damage the integrity of my site which is purely about the simple love of running and I am of a standard at running that isn’t rubbish like the runblogger guy, but also isn’t unobtainable like an olympic person. We could be good together, yeah?
Auf Weidersen!

The next was a proper running vest with this design on it.

But the actual sun would be in the bottom corner, not up there. Man, that would be so cool.