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Pretty Happy

Went for a fast three mile run on Friday. That’s what I generally do on Fridays. A fast three miles. As you guys know my achilles has been a dick for the last couple of months so I haven’t been doing the fast three mile runs on a Friday but the last couple of weeks my leg has improved. I can go up on my toes now. Still hurts, of course, but I can ignore the pain and the weather’s like summer so last Friday I did a fast three miles.

I say fast. I just mean as fast as I can go. It’s fast for me. It’s not fast for somebody who can run much faster than me so don’t send me no emails saying that’s not fast. It’s fast for me. This is my website. These are my views.

Look, let’s stop arguing. The weather’s wonderful and my leg’s nearly better. Few more weeks it’ll be completely better, I’m sure of it.

So, I started the run and there were three women on bicycles ahead. This was good as I felt I could catch them and pass them. I find it quite hard to push myself, you know?

Like today for example. Today I ran around the reservoir. It’s also three miles but it’s all up and down. First mile is slightly downhill and then it goes mental hilly before finishing back up the hill I went down at the start. I’m sure for most people they would dislike the uphills most but I hate the flat bits between the hills. Why? Well, it’s because when I’m running up a hill I don’t have to push myself, you know? Like, you’re running up and hill and you can’t slack off. You’re going so slow anyway. Grovelling up the hill. But on the flat bits it’s where you have to push yourself. There’s no terrain to push you and it’s these bits I find tough because it’s so easy to just slow down a bit.

Back to Friday and the women with the bikes. It was good, I could try and catch them and I did. They were just chatting. I think they were returning from a cafe. They had a post-cafe vibe going on. It’s funny, normally when you pass somebody on a bicycle when you’re running and they feel ashamed and then a few metres later they pass you and then they slow down again and you try and catch them again but you can’t because they’re on a bike. That’s what normally happens. I passed the three women on bikes but they didn’t give a fuck. Don’t think they even noticed me.

Try and. Of course I should type ‘try to’, not ‘try and’ but I say try and, not try to.

I was running along the seafront. The weather was lovely so there were a lot of people out. The next person I noticed was old and had something wrong with him, I think. He was sort of fighting with an invisible swarm of bees as he walked along. Wind-milling almost. I noticed him. He kinda looked nuts but that’s not PC to say.

There were a few kids on scooters and a person with a dog on a lead who had no spatial awareness. People lack spatial awareness, I’ve noticed now I’m a runner. They don’t walk in a straight line. They meander. They don’t care where their dogs or kids are. Most people are all over the shop so I picked my way through to the turn. I turn around the shelter at West Park. At a mile and a half. Half way. Before running back.

By the way we’ve got a new dog. Poor Banjo has been replaced and the fucking new one is awesome. I feel bad for saying that but this new dog, Kuro, is great. It’s like an orang utan in a dog suit. Just bites me. Follows me around biting me but only playing. Going to maybe go running with the dog one day. She might like that. We’ll see.

I was running pretty fast, for me, on Friday. Slow for a dog but the fastest I’ve run for ages but even though I was only running three miles there was still a chance I’d blow my nuts off on the way back. It’s happened before. On many occasions. I’ll just run out of batteries on the way back. I can really die for the last mile and a half but I was feeling pretty good.

About halfway back somebody punched me. Proper punched me. WTF! I was concentrating on running and wallop! Some fucker had punched me right in the arm and Garmin! Turned around and it’s the old guy with the flailing arms. I hadn’t noticed him because the sun was now in my eyes. I wasn’t that near him though. I didn’t stop running because I was timing myself. It’s like a three miles time trial I do. I couldn’t slow down but I turned and saw the guy who had punched me. He was facing the other way, didn’t seem to notice what he’d done but I really felt he’d put some weight behind it, you know? It seemed very deliberate and now he wasn’t doing his arms but the worst thing was my Garmin bleeped. Fucker had punched me right on the button that pauses my Garmin! What a fucking asshole.

By the way I got a Garmin 620 for Christmas. My poor old Garmin 305 has been replaced and the new one is fucking awesome. I feel bad saying that because I loved that 305 but it was a real piece of shit compared to the 620. One thing is when you pause it it gives you the option to SAVE your run. So the nutter had paused my watch. I looked at it and when you see SAVE it’s hard not to press SAVE. You can actually just press the pause button again and it restarts but I pressed SAVE and then you start it again and it records as another run. This I did not need. Finished the run at the Burger Stand with no further drama and then went to pick up the kids who had gone to see the Spongebob Movie. I wanna see that movie. I’m also greatly enjoying Bob’s Burgers. I guess I like animated shows with a grill.

Did the run at about 6min/mile but about 100 metres weren’t recorded because of that man who should have been on a lead.

Did a 10k race on Sunday. Felt pretty good. finished it in 37.35. Was pretty happy with that. My race number was 118 which was funny because I look a bit like those 118 118 idiots from the advert. Speaking of adverts I fucking hate that Virgin Money one with the dancing pigeon. What the fuck has it got to do with anything? Gonna start doing more faster runs, now my leg’s nearly better. Went around the reservoir today in 19:59. Was trying to beat 20 mins so I was pretty happy with that.