Playstation 4

I recently had an opportunity to speak to the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House. No, I’d never heard of him either. 
JPB: Hello, may I begin by saying I absolutely loved your show.
AH: Well, thanks very much. We set our stall out early to show off capabilities of the new Playstation 4 and we’ve been absolutely delighted with the positive reception it’s received both in the press and online.
JPB: And you’re not even American. That must surprise a few people when you talk.
AH: [laughs] No, I’m Welsh. From a little town out-
JPB: Could you do a bit of the voice?
AH: The voice?
JPB: Yeah, the voice. The voice. Could you do a bit of the voice?
AH: I… erm.
JPB: Ha! That’s brilliant.
AH: …
JPB: So, how did you get involved with Sony? It’s quite a change in career.
AH: Change in career?
JPB: From your TV show.
AH: I don’t… what?
JPB: I’m just saying, going from a television actor to CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, quite a switch.
AH: Who do you think I am?
JPB: Well, House of course.
AH: From House?
JPB: House from house! Home from home! Ha, no, yeah, House. You’re House, right? Says it right there on your Toblerone.
AH: Right. I see what’s happened. House is Hugh Laurie.
JPB: That’s right.
AH: I’m not Hugh Laurie.
JPB: You’re not?
AH: Do I look like him?
JPB: Little bit, but I thought you were acting. You’re fatter.
AH: No, I’m the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment.
JPB: Ah! That makes more sense.
AH: Andrew House.
JPB: Right! Got it.
AH: So, do you have any questions.
JPB: Erm, do you still see Stephen Fry, but there’s no point me asking you that because you’re not House, are you?
AH: Well I am House, Andrew House, I’m just not the fictional television character who shares my surname. You want Hugh Laurie. I suppose.
JPB: Right. He was called House.
AH: So?
JPB: And he’s not here, is he?
AH: No. Why would he be here?
JPB: Well, it’s just my questions. All of my questions are more geared around…
AH: Shall we call it a day.
JPB: I think so. I think that’s best. But just to be clear even though your name’s House you’re not actually House from House. Because House is…
AH: Hugh Laurie.
JPB: Hugh Laurie. So if I wanted to speak to House I would have to…
AH: Contact his agent I’d imagine. But ask for Hugh Laurie.
JPB: Right, okay, I’ve got it. Yup. And you are?
AH: Andrew, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment.
JPB: Got it.
AH: Okay.
JPB: Yup, got it.
AH: Are you okay? You don’t look…
JPB: I don’t feel very well actually, I think I better… I think I’m having a stroke. Help me, House!
A week later I woke up in Andrew House’s TV show set. Or fucking something.
I’ll do Nintendo tomorrow and then it’s, I’m fucking done with computer games