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Mesmerizing, Tantalizing, Captivating, Devastating

My name isĀ jamiepbarker. In the summer of 2007 I was chatting to Brad Brad just after he had made The Iron Giant and I decided to get into cartooning and Dingo and Dead Baby was born and then died.

These are fairly self explanatory however some people thought it was a pig in Dingo’s eyes. No, it’s the baby. Was kinda hard to draw so small. The point is Dingo had a friend.

Oh shit, his friend has fallen apart and now Dingo can’t carry two peices.

Dingo decides to carry the baby by eating it. While he does so some guy comes along for some reason and puts the nappy on his head for some reason. Dingo has a friend again.

You can see how this is developing. It’s a road movie. And talking of Fury Road…

A tormented Mad Max is driven much more madder max by the sound of the dog barking. If Dingos bark. I assume they do. You’ll remember in one of the Mad Max films his dog gets killed and his family always get killed.

Thing are going well. Too well.

Hello, what the flip is happening here then?

Seems to be an Australian racist approaching at breakneck speed. What’s his plan?


NOOOO!!! Poor Dingo and even more so poor Anji. Bloody racist kicked his head clean off. This is the end, surely. The end of Dingo’s adventures.

Well, that happened. Though maybe Romper can change his wicked ways. Given the right motivation. The love of a good woman, perhaps.

Yes, I was right! It’s American History X all over again! But… hang on.

Ah, he deserved it. Racist prick. So I guess it’s Dingo and Surfer Chick from here on in. On a surfboard. Where are they going to end up???

Konichiwa! What’s Japan like I wonder?


Fuck me pink. Her from Ringu! Surfer Chick is done for! Let’s go to America!

Two things, I am getting good at drawing with the trackpad and also drawing turbans! Crime is bad here, ain’t that the truth. Some nogoodnik stole the TV where her out of Ringu was having a nap.

Abdula’s probably a criminal too. If you believe Donald Trump.

That’s not a dog, this is a dog, says Abdula before throwing the dog at the criminal. I took two scenes from Crocodile Dundee and merged them. Abdula is a good guy and by now I was bored. I didn’t even bother colouring the last one in.

It’s a bit small. It was something about a Muslim driving towards the Empire States Building to deliver a TV to Woody Allan and getting blown up on the way. I suppose Dingo also died. Sad that, when a dog dies.

I hope you loved that. Goodbye.