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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

A few weeks ago I decided to run smart *taps side of head*. That meant not burning the candle at both ends, you know? Didn’t want to end up with my eyes in the back of my head. Run smart. Just a couple of hard runs a week, the rest being gentle jogs – after all, any idiot know you won’t improve without adequate recovery.

Thing is the last few weeks I’ve felt rubbish, I’ve been dying after a mile. Did a half marathon and died after a mile. Did a 5k and died after a mile so this week I’ve gone back to running stupid and I fucking love it. It’s much better, for me.

To add insult to injury I thought my Garmin 305 was dying last week, it kept going off. I’ve had that thing since I started running. Just replaced the strap twice, the body once and the whole thing once, when it fell off Sam’s car. Apart from that it’s as it was when I got it. So it didn’t record my run properly last Friday. And then Saturday I ran a bit harder, it went off during that one too, the fucking thing. I was pretty certain I was going to have to bin it, because I fixed it last year, and that meant super-gluing it all back together so it can’t be fixed again. Sunday it was raining and I went and did a pretty hard run and the Garmin never went off and I felt good the whole way.

Thing was I was getting a cold. I could sense it and you always feel brilliant running the day before you get a stinking cold. That goes without saying. Then yesterday my cold was worse but I went and did another hard run and I didn’t feel quite as good as Sunday but I went faster.

Today I did 12 x 500metre repeats in the pissing down freezing rain. Didn’t think I would. Approaching the place where I do them I didn’t think I’d do them. I thought I’d chicken out but I did them and felt pretty good.

I wore a red Nike base layer. A long sleeve Adidas top. 1000 Mile Gloves. An Adidas bobble hat. Asics compression socks. New Balance shorts I got from the charity shop and which are a bit tight and a pair of these.

New Balance Rc 130x

Gonna run hard tomorrow, do hill repeats on Thursday, a 5k time trial on Friday an easy run on Saturday and a cross country race on Sunday. They had a Garmin 910xt on Amazon Black Friday last night.