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Half of a Marathon

Did the half marathon this morning. Weather was shit. Felt shit. Everything was shit. Wore the wrong shoes. Wore my New Balance RC130X or whatever they’re called. Those shoes aren’t shit but they weren’t right for a half marathon, some of it on gravel, all of it in the rain. My feet hurt after a bit. Should have worn my Gel Tarthers. Took a risk. Didn’t pay off. Liked my shorts, actually. Wore blue shorts and a green and white vest and I think I looked pretty good. Pretty colourful. I think all the guys who passed me probably thought I was dressed pretty snappily. It’s winter. It’s fucked. Did it in 1:20:28. PB. Gotta be happy with that. BUT I’M NOT. I didn’t not drink wine or smoke yesterday to run that time. Going to do some sit-ups. That should make everything absolutely fine. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll look at that training book, plan on doing some sit-ups and stuff, start working on my cadence again. Of course in a couple of days when the disappointment fades I’ll fuck all that out of the window and continue to train like an absolute twat.

On a side note the dog slept on my jumper all night and now my jumper stinks.