some old bullshit

19 Minutes

I ran around the reservoir this morning. I’ve been feeling pretty good the last week or so. Achilles is still sore but fuck it, right? And it’s sheltered from the wind up there. Wasn’t that windy, actually, today.

I’ve only gone around there – the reservoir –  in under 19 minutes once. Or maybe twice. Not for a long time, anyway, not for a couple of years but then I’ve been injured for the last 27 months. It’s my favourite run. I fucking love running around the reservoir.


It’s only three miles but it’s all up and down. Proper up and down, steps and hills that are like that. So I set off and I wanted to do it faster than 19mins but I didn’t really expect to. You know? Last week I was happy to do a sub 20 minute! So I set off trying to stay relaxed and I felt like I was going pretty quick but the reservoir it’s all curly-wurly and is downhill to begin with so it’s always fast to start. I’d go around a corner and meet a headwind and then I would struggle to stay relaxed. I felt like I was doing okay but never did I expect I’d do it in less than 19mins. I hoped to, for sure. But you’ve got to be realistic.

Did the first mile in 5:30 which is good for me. Felt I kept it going for the hills, you know? I didn’t die. The recovery advisor on the Garmin told me my recovery was FAIR. Never seen that before, normally it only says GOOD. I ignored it. It’s a great watch but a bit opinionated. I just kept going as fast as I could. And it’s all uphill at the end. My heart was beating to the max all up in that mah-fucker, let me tell you! Got to the gate at the car park which is my marker and hit stop on the Garmin. I had to walk right to the end of the car park to catch my breath. Now, as I’ve said, I wasn’t feeling great before I started and honestly I thought there was no way I’d go quicker than 19mins. I did a pretty hard run yesterday. When I first started running the reservoir would take me 26mins. It really is a fucker of a route. So I never imagined I’d run it under 19minutes, not today anyway and I looked at the time I’d done. 19:16. Fuck! Not even close.

So much for sub 19 mins.

I wore my Nike Zoom Streak XC2s that I got from America. I didn’t go to America. I ordered them from the internet. I also wore a camera on my head.