some old bullshit


Friday night for me means a 5k. Not actually a 5k, that’s a lie. Just keeping you on your toes. It’s just under 5k. It’s 3 miles. Well, 2.9 miles and it’s the distance from the Hamburger to town and back. I could make it 5k. I should make it 5k but when I started running, with Andy, me and him ran from the Burger to town and back. So I still do it. It’s sort of poignant. It’s a way of remembering Andy. He’s not dead or anything but his knees fell off. And he got fat.

Not every Friday do I do it. If it’s really windy I generally give it a miss. Run somewhere sheltered. Around the reservoir or something.

It was really windy tonight. I check the wind direction first thing in the morning, every morning, on the BBC Weather app. Living on an island means it’s always windy. You just accept it. And it’s surrounded by water, you just accept it. I don’t check to see if it’s suddenly not going to be windy because it’s never not windy. I do like to know the direction of the wind. The wind tonight was from the east. That meant a headwind from the Burger to town and then a tailwind back. 20mph wind. That’s pretty windy. That’s too windy. Sure you get the tailwind too but you lose more in the headwind than you gain in a tailwind, I find.

It was sunny, though, and not just in the sky. It was also sunny in my heart and imma tell you why. This afternoon my newly published real book with a table of contents and page numbers and super-daring and new formatting received a FIVE STAR review. And that’s out of five. I’m not talking out of ten, or one hundred. It got the maximum.

The review was written by a wonderful chap named Dan. Dan Graf. You can find it here.

I don’t know what a now board is but you check out Dan’s on that site. He’s also a runner like all the best people are. The only other thing I know about Dan is his outrageous taste in hats. He’s famous for them. And he lives in Switzerland and if you’re ever there you can go stay with him. Seriously, this offer is open to anybody. Just rock up with a pillow and he’ll let you sleep in his lounge.

Anyway, with Dan’s kind and honest words ringing in my eyes I decided to tackle the 5k. The wind could go fuck itself. My legs were killing me, due to the hills yesterday but if Dan could take time out of making cuckoo clocks to write an honest appraisal of my work then I sure as shit could run 5k. Well, just under, as I’ve said. 2.9 miles.

I imagined the headwind was the established literary world and I fought my way through it. Almost windmilling. Felt pretty good, it didn’t seem that windy and on the way back it felt like I was being carried aloft by an invisible Dan wearing a hat made of clouds. I sprinted the last couple of hundred metres. Think those repeats I’ve been doing are paying off.

I wore a black Nike sleeveless T-shirt, blue Kalenji shorts. More mile socks and  a pair of these.

Mizuno Wave Universe

I’m still not totally decided about these shoes – sometimes they feel kinda baggy – but tonight they felt great. Could be because the More Mile socks are thicker than my usual socks or it might just be because of Dan.