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Cross Country

Did a cross country race this morning. The thing about cross country races is they have a lot of children doing them. This is bad because children can run very fast for a long time without getting tired. Unlike me. So I was doing the race trying to keep up with the children and it was fucking hard work. The race was around Les Creux Country Park. At one point the course crossed a road. It was here there were more kids and I lost my bearings. I was still following kids but it turned out I was following the wrong kids and I ended up at their den where they had ropes and crates to sit on and graffiti and it must have been my garb, what with the shorts in Winter and colourful shoes and everything, but they actually treated me like I was a living God.

I wore a white Adidas base-layer, a two-tone blue Kalenji T-Shirt, Karrimor socks, Adidas shorts and a pair of these.

Zoom Streak XC2

Heaven knows what I was thinking with the base-layer. It was fucking roasting. I nearly wore gloves too! Holy shit.