The Front

How many times have I ran along the front? Dunno mate, definitely more than 200 times, and I know that for sure, because that’s the limit on how many Strava tells me I’ve matched. It’s probably nearer 500 times. I’d have to subscribe to find out the precise number. Fuck that, free Strava is all I need. Actually it might be near 1000, you know. Twice a week for ten years. Thirteen years. 1300.

Often I’ll run along the front five or six times a week. Fucking hell, I’m mental. I’m literally mental. One hundred and thirty thousand kilometres, just along the front. That’s crazy. I meet people sometimes. Total strangers and they say, ‘I see you running.’ They must see me and think, that nutcase is out again. I would. I’d think that if I saw somebody doing something way too much.

Thing is I fucking love running along the front. Went this morning, even though it was very very cold. This is how cold it was. Guess how many pairs of gloves I had on each hand? More! Less. No Less. Stop guessing.

Yeah, not one, not three, but two pairs of gloves! I know right. Probably a Guinness World Record for gloves on a hand. Two. Four gloves in total. Actually the outer glove was just, like, a shell. Windproof. And talking of windproof I wore my Gore jacket *sound of a needle being torn from a vinyl record* Ha, yeah, I got a Gore jacket. Finally! After all the years of only wishing I had one! Yeah, dunno what it is but I get really cold lately. Really fucking cold. So I found a Gore jacket on Amazon Warehouse deals and after three hours internal debate I just pulled the trigger. Glad I did. £70. down from £120. Amazon might treat their staff terribly but you sure can get great bargains on Amazon Warehouse. I deserve it. I wore tights with running shorts over. I used to wear tights with cycling type shorts under. I don’t do that anymore. Seems a bit risque.

Yeah, things have really changed since I started running along the front all those years ago. I wear tights different. I’ve got a Gore jacket, I seem to get colder and my thigh hurts rather than my calf. That’s all that’s changed really. Everything else is the same. Exactly the fucking same. Exactly how I like it.

It was a headwind to Town and a tailwind back. Pretty strong wind. It’s normally the other way around, with a headwind back. I like to do the headwind first so this morning was good. Ran as easy as I could. Wore my heart rate monitor. Tried to keep my heart rate under 130bpm. It was still a slog. Legs were tired from yesterday. I ran along the front yesterday too, at the end of my long run. And on Saturday. Can’t remember Friday.

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