some old bullshit

Frankie Cocozza is still an Asshole II

So I’m behind the counter filling up the cigarettes and I hear a cough, I turn and see a guy wearing mad inside-out clothing and dark glasses. I thought he was the pal of the other blind guy I had a run in with the yesterday, sent to beat me up, he was younger and looked more of a jack the lad with his fists.
“Yes” I ask calmly, but I’m looking around for a weapon to defend myself if it all kicks off.

“Primula” he goes.

“Yeah? What about it?” I wave my hands in front of his face, nothing.

“Do you have it?”

“Yeah.” I’m about to point to the chiller but them I remembered his broken eyes. I go around the counter and note he hasn’t got a dog, although he does have various studded leads and collars around him, he’s also carrying an ostentatious¬†cane. The dog is outside, must be. “Here'” I go, and gingerly take his elbow and lead him to the chiller.

“What kind?” I aks him.

“Just plain.”

I pick it up for him and lead him back to the counter.

To cut a long story short it was Bono and he was so impressed with my service that he gave me a Ferrari so the moral of all that is… Dunno.